About Project PAVE

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The mission of Project PAVE is to empower youth to end the cycle of relationship violence.  The cycle of relationship violence is generational and affects people in every community. PAVE’s approach to ending this cycle is through innovative Intervention, and Prevention Education programming.

The agency reaches nearly 4,000 children, teens, parents, teachers and professional with its intervention and violence prevention programming annually.

Project PAVE was founded in 1986 in response to violent Incidents in the Denver community.

I started working with PAVE when I was sixteen years old. My mom is a survivor of an abusive first marriage, both physically and emotionally. Seeing the life-long trauma she has experienced made me want to be a part of a culture that does not tolerate that kind of behavior. PAVE supports healthy relationships in my community and gave me the skills I needed to be a better partner, friend, and ally. I have gone on to work for sexual assault and gender violence prevention initiatives at my university, with our peer education program, and in my career pursuits striving for gender-balanced workplaces.
— Will Wytias-Sobel, former YCEP

School-Based Intervention

Reducing barriers to service and quickly addressing needs


  • Trauma-focused therapy for children and youth impacted by violence
  • Customized approach for each client, based on individual strengths
  • Therapists work full-time in schools and become on-site consultants for school staff

Family Advocacy

  • Practical support and resources for parents and families of therapy clients
  • Provided at home or in the community and in English or Spanish
  • Reflective of an innovative, new wave of intervention - meeting families "where they are"

Prevention Education

Creating safe spaces and developing young leaders

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Path to Healthy Relationships Classes

  • In-depth discussions with middle and high school youth on dating, equality, and preventing violence
  • Taught in schools and organizations throughout Metro Denver

Youth Community Educators Program (YCEP)

  • Comprehensive training and professional development for high school youth
  • Youth hired to educate the community about dating violence and its prevention 

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True Man Program

  • Programming in partnership with the Denver Broncos designed to challenge boys and men to become allies in the prevention of domestic and sexual violence through a team framework