A letter to the community. By Adam Evans, Executive Director of Project PAVE

Dear Youth, Parents, Friends, and Supporters,

Since its founding in 1986, Project PAVE has weathered many storms. While the challenges we face today are new, our dedication to end gender-based violence in all its forms is as strong today as ever. We want you to know we will not be deterred by policies or legislation that threaten survivors of violence and the communities we serve. Today and every day:

We will stand with survivors of violence and refuse to let them be relegated to the shadows.

We will welcome all who seek our support and programs. Period.

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We will help youth and adults develop healthy, authentic, and life-giving relationships.

We will challenge men and young men to take off our masks, knowing that if gender-based violence is to end, what it means to “be a man” must change.

We will empower youth leaders to tear down the norms that perpetuate violence.

Together we will break the cycles of violence. Together we will energize youth in our community. Together we will continue to make a difference. Now more than ever PAVE is needed and your support is vital. Please stand with us!

In service and community,

Adam Evans

Executive Director

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The Avalanche team captain Gabe Landeskog hosts Project Pave at the Avalanche vs. Boston Game

On November 13th, Avalanche Captain Gabe Landeskog hosted community organizations Project PAVE and Friends at the Avalanche Vs. Boston Game as apart of his 'Landy's Friends' Program. These special fans enjoyed the game in a catered suite and received Landeskog sweaters all in recognition for their effort in helping to prevent bullying and relationship violence. 

Battle of the Chefs

Looking forward to Battle of the Chefs on October 27th? So are longtime PAVE supporters, Mitch & Maggie Morrissey! Read below as Maggie shares her thoughts on the event and cooking and then buy your tickets:tinyurl.com/chefs2016 
Q: What are you excited about for Battle of the Chefs? 
A: The rare opportunity to publicly humiliate not only myself but my husband and friends.

Q: What are you nervous for Battle?
A: I have an alarming tendency to spill things, particularly soup, so I’m nervous that I might ruin someone’s shoes.

Q: What's our cooking motto?
A: If it isn’t fun, what’s the point?

Q: What's your favorite thing to cook? 
A: Toast.

Source: http://us9.campaign-archive1.com/?u=da4b68...

Red? White? Or a little of both?

Red? White? Or a little of both? Here's your chance to buy some great wine and give back to Project PAVE during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. All purchases made from the "event exclusive" or "think pink" pages now through October 15th give 15% back to Project PAVE! Great time to stock up for holiday festivities or prepare for the long winter! #DVAM2016#enddv #raiseyourglass https://secure.viaonehope.com/parties/4621

As we say goodbye to Mike...

As we say goodbye to Mike, we are proud to have our program director, Adam Evans, moving into the role of Executive Director. Adam has been with PAVE for more than a decade. Trained as a therapist, he brings great knowledge of programs, evaluation, and the DV field to this position! Welcome to your new role, Adam! You have big shoes to fill but we know you're up for the challenge!

This Credit Card Lets You Donate Your Cash Back Rewards To Charity

The new Charity Charge credit card lets users donate their cash back rewards to any nonprofit of their choice, according to arelease. The MasterCard issued by Commerce Bank gives cardholders one percent cash back on every purchase, to be given to up to three organizations or K-12 schools of the user’s choosing.

“I just want to make doing good part of the routine of everyday living,” founder Stephen Garten told Fast Company. “A lot of people are saying ‘what’s the point of points?’ This is an easy way for them to do good in the world.”

Americans failed to use around $16 billion in loyalty rewards in 2010 alone — that’s almost a third of the total rewards points U.S. households earned that year, gone entirely to waste. Charity Charge, a public benefit corporation, lets people donate those otherwise-wasted points to a higher purpose.

Existing affinity cards also allow people to make a donation with each purchase, but often the return isn’t as high. Bank of America’s Susan G. Komen card, for instance, which gives part of every purchase to the breast cancer foundation, donates only 0.08 percent, according to the Chicago Tribune. So, if you were to stack up a $10,000 credit card bill, the charity would get $8. The same amount spent on the Charity Charge card would generate a $100 donation.

Importantly, Charity Charge also underwrites the onation processing fees, according to their website, so the full donation amount goes to the nonprofit.

The card allows users to give to any nonprofit in the U.S. For the uninitiated philanthropist, the company features some recommended options on its website, included animal rights organization the Humane League, faith-based Catholic Relief Services, or veterans’ nonprofit Wounded Warrior Project.

For users who want to be more hands-on with their giving, Charity Charge lets people change up the organizations they’re giving to at any time, and track how much they’ve contributed through the website.

“One of the big credit card companies asks: ‘What’s in your wallet?’” Garten said, according to a blog on Encast. “We prefer the question: ‘What’s in your heart?’”


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