A letter to the community. By Adam Evans, Executive Director of Project PAVE

Dear Youth, Parents, Friends, and Supporters,

Since its founding in 1986, Project PAVE has weathered many storms. While the challenges we face today are new, our dedication to end gender-based violence in all its forms is as strong today as ever. We want you to know we will not be deterred by policies or legislation that threaten survivors of violence and the communities we serve. Today and every day:

We will stand with survivors of violence and refuse to let them be relegated to the shadows.

We will welcome all who seek our support and programs. Period.

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We will help youth and adults develop healthy, authentic, and life-giving relationships.

We will challenge men and young men to take off our masks, knowing that if gender-based violence is to end, what it means to “be a man” must change.

We will empower youth leaders to tear down the norms that perpetuate violence.

Together we will break the cycles of violence. Together we will energize youth in our community. Together we will continue to make a difference. Now more than ever PAVE is needed and your support is vital. Please stand with us!

In service and community,

Adam Evans

Executive Director

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