“Locker Room Talk” by Derek McCoy

It’s been said that “boys will be boys” and that gesture of justification has often been extended to men, but where is the line between “boys being boys,” joking about aggressive sexual objectification of women and girls, and actual sexual assault within a culture of rape?

The truth is that there is no line and the justification of this, so called “Locker Room Talk,” that happens within circles of men and boys all over this country and globally, is key to the perpetuation of the sexual assault and rape culture. Anyone who says that it’s just “Locker Room Talk” is naive to the fact that we, as the vast majority of humans, conform to socially acceptable behavior more so than anomalous types of behavior. That said, sexual assault and rape are all too common because of “Locker Room Talk” that excuses and often encourages men and boys to be aggressive toward sexual objectification of women and girls.

And “Locker Room Talk” isn’t even the appropriate label for this issue, as this talk happens in many places and not always in locker rooms (some locker rooms actually maintain respect) – this is the language of male dominance or what’s known as patriarchy.

There’s a huge problem in our society, when I, as a heterosexual male, have been called gay by other males throughout life (even in marriage to a woman) for not performing masculinity in the way that devalues diverse identities and seeks to objectify femininity through sexual conquest.

It’s time for the “Nice Guy” to finish first and for us all to bring true respect back to the Locker Room!    


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