Reducing barriers to service and quickly addressing needs



  • Trauma-focused therapy for children and youth impacted by violence.
  • Customized approach for each client, based on individual needs.
  • Therapists work full-time in schools and become on-site consultants for school staff.

Family Advocacy

  • Practical support and resources for parents and families of therapy clients.
  • Provided at home or in the community and in English or Spanish.
  • Reflective of an innovative, new wave of intervention - meeting families "where they are".

Creating safe spaces and developing young leaders


Path to Healthy Relationships Classes

  • In-depth discussions with middle and high school youth on dating, equality, and preventing violence
  • Taught in schools and organizations throughout Metro Denver

Youth Community Educators Program (YCEP)

  • Comprehensive training and professional development for high school youth.
  • Peer lea ders educate the community about dating violence and ways to prevent it.

True Man

  • Created in partnership with the Denver Broncos, this six-session program is designed to challenge boys and men to become allies in the prevention of gender-based violence through a team framework.