What is the Transformation Scholarship?

Project PAVE’s annual Transformations Scholarship recognizes personal transformation, and honors youth attending schools where PAVE does work who are making, positive contributions towards ending the cycle of relationship violence by raising awareness and empowering themselves and others in their schools and community.

We define relationship violence as domestic violence, child abuse, teen dating violence, physical or sexual assault or abuse, and other forms of intimate partner violence.  Relationship violence can be physical, emotional, mental, economic, sexual, and/or verbal.

Through this process, we hope to empower more youth to take a stand against relationship violence, and encourage youth to continue their activist work in post-secondary education and beyond. 

What are examples of personal transformation related to relationship violence and/or actions taken to break the cycle of relationship violence?

Applicants must answer essay questions about their work to break the cycle of relationship violence. There are countless ways to be part of the movement to prevent violence in our community. We want to hear about the innovative and positive ways that you are impacting yourself and/or community!  Here are some examples of actions that help reduce relationship violence:

  • Community involvement focused on violence prevention, recovery & empowerment, and healthy relationships
  • Participation and leadership in an organization that works to prevent violence
  • Educating others about relationship violence and healthy relationships
  • Demonstration of personal transformation to overcome relationship violence
  • Helping friends and loved ones who have been directly impacted by violence
  • Starting a club or group at your school dedicated to preventing violence
  • Volunteering at a community agency doing prevention work
  • Advocating to change policies that affect youth (in school, city level, state-wide)
  • Creating artistic expressions that encourage healthy relationships and raise awareness

Who is eligible for the Transformation Scholarship?

Students at schools where Project PAVE is providing services and/or who are involved with a PAVE program. Must be age 21 and younger, currently enrolled in college or planning to receive a diploma or GED in 2017 and pursue post-secondary education (including technical schools).  Applications for the 2018 Luncheon will be available in January 2018. Students are only eligible to receive a transformations scholarship ONE TIME

Eligible Schools

Partner Schools:
North High School
Denver Center for 21st Century Learning

True Man Schools (not already listed above):
South High School
Kennedy High School
Manual High School
West High School
Lincoln High School
Montbello High School
Aurora Central High School
Hinkley High School
Vista Peak

Prevention Schools:
CEC Middle College
Adams City HS
Summit Academy
Lakewood High School
Smoky Hill

Youth Educator Schools:
DCIS (6th and Kalamath)
North High School
East High School
Thomas Jefferson High School
GW High School
Front Range CC
University of Denver

Questions? Contact us at scholarship@projectpave.org or (720) 414-2537.