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PAVE Therapy during COVID-19

Perhaps no group is as vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19 as survivors of domestic and relationship violence. Survivors may be trapped in an unsafe home with an abuser, experience loss of or decrease in income can increase a victim’s need to stay with an abuser, lose direct access to services they have depended on for support and assistance, or re-experience trauma. Children in homes with domestic violence are more likely to witness abuse during quarantine with little support.

PAVE has always focused on serving the most vulnerable youth and families in Metro Denver, reaching under-served, low-income communities of color. During the COVID-19 outbreak, PAVE is making a commitment to ensure that youth and are receiving the additional support they need by staying connected with clients, providing trauma-informed therapy, sharing the traumatic burden survivors are facing, and supporting the mental health of our community in any way we can.

PAVE therapists are ensuring that our community of youth and families continue to receive trauma-informed, culturally responsive therapy, advocacy services, and service coordination through virtual therapy and advocacy sessions. Our Intervention Team has increased their reach-outs to the youth and families in their caseloads, and are offering a wider array of services for clients. In addition to therapy this includes, food delivery, emergency cash assistance for basic needs, navigating city and state resources for assistance, and helping clients with applying for state and federal relief funds. The Team also continues to connect survivors to emergency protection orders, legal aid, and shelters.