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Psychoeducational Support Groups

  • Support groups to educate and encourage survivors of relationship violence identified during Violence Prevention classes. Support Group topics include: Self-esteem, female empowerment, anger management, communication & boundaries, healthy relationships, anxiety, allyship and emotional regulation.
  • Provides an opportunity for earlier identification of youth victims and expansion of services for those who may have just become aware of their victimization. 

Where are Psychoeducational Support Groups?

Rose Andom Center

Rose Andom Center, Fox Street, Denver, CO, USA

Advocacy and Service Coordination

Project PAVE Office

4140 Tejon Street, Denver, CO, USA


DC-21, North Williams Street, Denver, CO, USA

Female Empowerment Group, Anger Management Group, Healthy Relationships Group, Communication and Boundaries Group & Emotional Regulation Group

Whittier ECE-8

Whittier Elementary School, North Downing Street, Denver, CO, USA

Self-esteem Group, Allyship Group & Emotional Regulation Group

Hill Campus

Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences, Clermont Street, Denver, CO, USA

Self-esteem Group & Female Empowerment Group

CEC Early College

CEC Early College, Eliot Street, Denver, CO, USA

Communication and Boundaries Group, Self-esteem Group & Healthy Relationships Group

Denver South High School

South High School, East Louisiana Avenue, Denver, CO, USA

Anger Management Group & Emotional Regulation Group

Academy of Urban Learning

Academy of Urban Learning, West 29th Avenue, Denver, CO, USA

Anxiety Group

Psychoeducational Support Groups: Updates and Recent Posts