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Social-Emotional Support Groups

  • Support groups to educate and encourage survivors of relationship violence identified during Violence Prevention classes. Support Group topics include: Self-esteem, female empowerment, anger management, communication & boundaries, healthy relationships, anxiety, allyship and emotional regulation.
  • Provides an opportunity for earlier identification of youth victims and expansion of services for those who may have just become aware of their victimization. 

Where are Social-Emotional Support Groups?

Rose Andom Center

Rose Andom Center, Fox Street, Denver, CO, USA

Advocacy and Service Coordination

Project PAVE Office

4140 Tejon Street, Denver, CO, USA


DC-21, North Williams Street, Denver, CO, USA

Female Empowerment Group, Anger Management Group, Healthy Relationships Group, Communication and Boundaries Group & Emotional Regulation Group

Whittier ECE-8

Whittier Elementary School, North Downing Street, Denver, CO, USA

Self-esteem Group, Allyship Group & Emotional Regulation Group

Hill Campus

Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences, Clermont Street, Denver, CO, USA

Self-esteem Group & Female Empowerment Group

CEC Early College

CEC Early College, Eliot Street, Denver, CO, USA

Communication and Boundaries Group, Self-esteem Group & Healthy Relationships Group

Denver South High School

South High School, East Louisiana Avenue, Denver, CO, USA

Anger Management Group & Emotional Regulation Group

Academy of Urban Learning

Academy of Urban Learning, West 29th Avenue, Denver, CO, USA

Anxiety Group

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