Healthy Relationships start with a Healthy You.

Project PAVE invites you to join us in our Challenge Campaign

Why are we talking about “challenge”? Because this is a key moment in time in which we must turn to our inner strengths, and challenge is in our DNA. Since we were founded in 1986, challenge has fueled the work we do:

We challenge the idea that the cycle of relationship violence can’t be broken

We challenge youth to stand up for their loved ones when they see abuse and disrespect

We challenge gender stereotypes, and what it means to “be a man” We challenge young people to empower their peers and communities

And today, it’s so important that we continue our work, particularly in these times of isolation, which has fueled widespread disconnect between vulnerable individuals and essential resources. 

So how can you get involved?

As a global community, we’re being asked to make choices right now about the future we want to create. By joining the PAVE Challenge, you help us move closer to a violence-free world. Challenge yourself to think deeply about what you want to put back into your life and community, into the lives and communities of your loved ones. 

Are you ready to Challenge? Just fill in your email here [need link to website page where people can sign up] and we’ll send you a shareable badge [this would just be the sticker + some “I took the pledge” language].

In the meantime, feel free to download any of the attached graphics or update your social media profile picture. [we’ll attach the sticker graph that Michael modified and we can adapt it for FB vs. Instagram, for example]

Keep an eye out in our monthly newsletter for more Challenge inspiration and ideas.


  • Share your story on social media with #IChallenge 
  • Learn about the different forms abuse takes; it isn’t just physical
  • Set healthy boundaries in your relationships through conversation with your friends and partners
  • Support PAVE or attend our events
  • Attend a rally that lifts people up and gives them a voice
  • Challenge offensive and stereotyping language and jokes
  • Follow @projectpave on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram