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Healthy Relationships start with a Healthy You


November 2020 CHALLENGE:

Learn. Discuss. Share

To participate in November’s #PAVEChallenge campaign please

1. Learn about PAVE’s impact on our social channels and website

2. Watch one of PAVE’s Healthy Relationships At Home videos and discuss with friends, families and coworkers  

3. Share why you think the impact PAVE makes is important on social media and encourage others to support PAVE (be sure to tag @ProjectPAVE #PAVEChallenge)

October 2020 CHALLENGE: #DVAM Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Learn. Discuss. Share.

1. Click the button below and read the following article about Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) from Harvard Medical School

2. Discuss the article with someone in your network 

3. Share the article and your feedback in a social media post and tag @ProjectPAVE #PAVEChallenge


Volunteer Opportunities for Adults & Families:

Food Bank Assistance:

United Way COVID Response Volunteers:

We Don’t Waste Grocery Food Packing:

Denver Delivery Network–help those who need supplies delivered:

Jewish Family Services Foodbank and other programs:

Donate Blood

Be a poll worker or election judge (paid)

PAVE volunteers:

A Precious Child:

Family Tree:

Acts of Service for Youth:

  1. Clean your room without being asked
  2. Help someone struggling with homework
  3. Send a kind note for your teacher
  4. Pick up trash in your neighborhood
  5. Pick a few toys to donate
  6. Make it a no complaining day
  7. Cheer up a friend in need of cheering up
  8. Make a card and give it to someone special
  9. Clean up after someone else
  10. Compliment 5 people today
  11. Teach someone something new
  12. Do a chore for someone without them knowing
  13. Tell a loved one how important they are to you
  14. Rake leaves or shovel snow for a neighbor
  15. Pick up litter on the playground
  16. Return a cart for someone at the store
  17. Call your grandparents just to chat
  18. Give an extra hug to your parents
  19. Share your toys with your siblings
  20. Do a favor for a family member today
  21. Read a book to a family member
  22. Cook dinner for your family
  23. Clean the dishes
  24. Recycle bottles and cans
  25. Challenge your friends to do 5 acts of kindness

Colorado Young Leaders:

Clothes to Kids:

Since we were founded in 1986, challenge has fueled the work we do. And today, it’s more important than ever that we continue to stand for the things we believe and raise our voices, no matter the opposition.

  1. We challenge the social concept of racism and reject all forms of violence because we believe that all violence is interconnected.
  2. We challenge the idea that the cycle of relationship violence can’t be broken 
  3. We challenge students to hold their relationships to the healthiest standards 
  4. We challenge the expectations of what kind of person is in an unhealthy or abusive relationship 
  5. We challenge young people to empower their peers and communities 
  6. We challenge youth to stand up for their loved ones when they see abuse and disrespect
  7. We challenge gender stereotypes, and what it means to “be a man”
  8. We challenge you to be your truest self
  9. We challenge the stereotypical language and media representations that keep us trapped in unhealthy behaviors
  10. We challenge ourselves to reflect on our own biases and perspective

This is a profound moment in time, and requires that we rise to challenge everyday.

We invite you to share your stories about facing and overcoming challenge–no challenge is too big or small. We are creating a safe space to share our challenges because it’s important to know that we’re not alone. Consider the #PAVEChallenge community as your support network.

Follow us on Instagram to keep up with the latest challenges, which we will update every month.

  • Find something new on our “PAVE Challenge” Reading and Listening Lists. Or contribute a recommendation–our list is always growing!
  • Share your story on social media with #PAVEChallenge 
  • Learn about the different forms abuse takes; it isn’t just physical
  • Set healthy boundaries in your relationships through conversation with your friends and partners (watch: How to Have Tough Conversations [link])
  • Support PAVE or attend our events
  • Attend a rally that lifts people up and gives them a voice
  • Challenge offensive and stereotyping language and jokes
  • Follow @projectpave on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

#PAVECHALLENGE Read, Watch & Listen:


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