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Values and Strategy

Project PAVE has recently undertaken a re-evaluation of our strategy and values. The following document is a brief overview of our new strategic direction according to our values and goals, shared with our community and supporters.

Safe, compassionate and connected communities

Ending violence by empowering youth to build healthy relationships.


Become and organization led and sustained by people who live out PAVE’s values


Keep PAVE on a path of financial health and sustainability


Keep PAVE on a path of operational excellence and innovation

Youth as Changemakers

Institutionalize the presence and influence of youth in PAVE services

Compassion, Inclusivity & Equity, Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation


  • Compassion

We practice empathy by understanding that everyone has their own unique traumas and experiences, seeing the best in ourselves and others, and fostering a supportive response to violence and suffering.

  • Inclusivity & Equity 

We acknowledge that there are barriers to accessing resources for different populations and that we do not all start at the same place.  We work through intentional action and fairness to ensure that all people are welcomed and valued and strive to include diverse populations in organizational decisions and directions.  We remain conscious of our own conduct and ever responsive to the needs of the communities that we serve.

  • Integrity 

We bring our authentic selves–even when it is uncomfortable–to address the challenges of our mission.  We will be honest, accountable, and transparent.   We will enter our work courageously with a learner’s mindset.  We will use clear and kind communication to develop connections inside and outside the organization.  

  • Collaboration

We recognize our strengths and limitations, leaning into the expertise of our equal partners across teams and between organizations. We integrate the needs of the broader community in setting goals and establishing partnerships.

  • Innovation

While building upon our existing strengths, we strive to amplify our impact by using and developing revolutionary practices.